Pregnancy Resource Center

“It’s Time for Change” Baby Bottle Change Donations Due Fill a Bottle for Life, Bottles were due February, 12, 2017

Every January, FBC supports the Pregnancy Resource Center (Center), at 942 E. Pine Street in Lodi, CA by donating our “spare change” to fill empty baby bottles that will be collected in February.  The Supreme Court has given women the “right to choose” what will happen with their pregnancy. Many see abortion as their only way out, but, emotional and material support from concerned individuals can make choosing to continue their pregnancy a real option.

The Center was created to support women who have chosen LIFE as heir option.  They provide pregnancy tests, limited ultrasound,  accurate information, counseling, and adoption referrals, plus parenting classes, baby clothing and supplies.  To volunteer your time, become a financial supporter, or  just want more information about the Center, please call (209) 368-7190, or check their website at


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