Committee members are to be elected in July, except for Nominating in April

Nominating Committee : (to be elected in April –4 Members: 1 year terms).  Nominates members who have shown an interest in serving on a committee.  The candidates will be presented to the congregation for consideration and put to a vote. (The 2016-2017 Nominating Committee has been established).

Property, Buildings, & Grounds  (4 members — staggered 3 year terms).              Upkeep of the FBC property, buildings and grounds, inside and outside maintenance and equipment   (2016-17 4 positions filled, Lead William Acuna) .

Personnel: (5 members — staggered 3 year terms)                                                              When paid staff need to be hired, the Personnel Committee recruits and interviews for the position and presents the candidate to the congregation for member’s approval by a majority vote.    (1 member needed for 2016-17).

Finance: (5 members – staggered 3 year terms) Members with accounting experience will pay bills,  balance and maintain the accounting journal, and budget records.                     (2016-17 positions filled) .

Counting:  (Treasurer + 2 members and 2 Alternates).  Count tithes and offerings from Sunday’s worship service.  Treasurer is to deposits the donations.                              (2016-17 positions filled).